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Happy Earth Day!!!

Happy Earth Day, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to write this post. For a while now I have been thinking of the small things I can do for the planet. I know by myself that it won't make a difference but if everybody did them then there would be a huge change.
Now, obviously I would love to help more and that is something I am interested in looking into but for now I will just be writing about the small, everyday things that an help.

First, when you come out the shower, forget the hair dryer. Especially now that it's summer, you don't really need it. When you get out the shower, gently towel dry part of it and then leave the rest to dry naturally. This might not seem like a lot but think about it, if you dry your hair everyday, or every other day thats 365 or 180ish days. That already seems like a lot and if you think how many people are in this country, not even counting the world. It's going to make heaps of difference. I used to dry my hair with the …

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