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Advice on being a cheap student.

2018 might be the year where you decide to be better with your money. As a student is difficult, for the first time you are responsible for yourself, so you've got to look after your money well otherwise you won't be eating. I am half way through my degree and along the way I think I have picked up some tips and tricks to help with my money. So I thought I would share, so here is how to be a 'cheap student'

My first and most obvious...
Student discount. You are stupid if you don't use this, the standard is 10% but a lot of the time shops will increase this, so keep an eye out.
You can get student discount from your uni id, also from websites like
Unidays and Student Beans.
I use unidays the most; it gives me 50% off apple music which is a HUGE saver for me.
Perhaps if you're about to make a big purchase, wait it out a little and see if the shop will bring out a temporary increase in student discount, you might save a lot.
Normally increases around Christmas,…

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